YaraTera Rexolin ABC - 5kg
Brand Yara
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  • Dissolves fast and completely in water without leaving any residues
  • Free of insoluble and phytotoxic compounds
  • Very low sodium and chloride levels
  • Non-cracking, non-segregating
  • Low EC values
  • Dust-free
  • Quick overall dissolution in water
  • No risk of clogging to fertigation system

YaraTera Rexolin ABC is a combination of the chelated micronutrients Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn and B, Mo and a product developed for usage in hydroponic systems and through foliar application.


YaraTera Rexolin ABC is used for seed treatment during seed dressing, foliar and root dressing through various irrigation systems in open and closed ground. Stimulates better germination and germination energy and increases productivity and quality of marketable products.


The YaraTera Rexolin range of products is fully water-soluble chelated micronutrients. They ensure micronutrients remain available to the crop and avoid the risk of precipitation or fixation. Suited to the application through all fertigation systems – drip, low throw sprinklers, centre pivots, and spray applications.


Foliar application is recommended when the soil is highly alkaline or when soil application is impossible for other reasons.


Nutrients Value:

  • 0.5% Boron (B)
  • 1.5% Copper (Cu-EDTA)
  • 4.0% Iron / Ferum (Fe-EDTA)
  • 1.85% Magnesium (Mg)
  • 4.0% Manganese (Mn-EDTA)
  • 0.1% Molybdenum (Mo-EDTA)
  • 1.5% Zinc (Zn-EDTA)
  • 12% Potassium (K2O)
  • 3.0% Magnesium (MgO)
  • 7.5% Sulphate (SO4)