[REPACK] YaraTera Kristalon Special (Green) 18-18-18 - 1kg
Brand Yara
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  • Water soluble fertiliser
  • Foliar or fertigation application
  • Pack size 1kg

YaraTera Kristalon Special is specially designed for foliar fertilization (the only formula containing urea-N). It is compatible with most common agrochemical spray materials (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides), except with highly alkaline ones.


YaraTera Kristalon offers a premium range of watersoluble, compound powdered fertilizers, ideal for:

  • Ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit crops
  • Open-field and greenhouse cultivation
  • Crops both grown in soil and soilless media (except rockwool and NFT)
  • All types of watering systems (sprinkler, pivot and drip systems)